Library Policies

Overdue Book Policies

As the library is a place designed to serve the public as a source of information, we ask that the following rules be observed in the interest of preserving equal access to library materials to all patrons.

Library Patrons must follow the rules of conduct listed below:

  • Patrons must return library materials in a timely manner in order to allow others access to these materials. Items may be checked out for 2 weeks if they are print items. DVDs and Wii games are only allowed a 1 week check out. A patron can only have 35 items checked out under their name at one time.
  • As for damaged items there will be a $2.00 charge for items returned to the library in poor condition. This includes damaged or removed bar codes, book covers, book pockets, any library labels or other processing materials affixed to the items. Video jackets and cases and any damage to the item itself, including missing, torn, or water-damaged pages ect. Until the fine is paid on a damaged item the patron's privileges will be revoked.
  • Items not returned after 3 months will be subject to replacement costs.
  • Patrons returning items which are damaged beyond repair or in a condition not suitable for future use will be charged the replacement cost of the the item. Replacement cost will be determined by the Librarian, and through library resources. The cardholder who last borrowed the items will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Until the item has been replaced the patrons' privileges will be revoked.


Through restricting the privileges of overdue borrowers, the Library hopes to promote responsible borrowing habits in its patrons, and maintain a collection of available materials for those who do not abuse this privilege. The reinstatement of borrowing privileges to delinquent borrows will happen only when any and all overdue materials have been returned in satisfactory condition or their replacement cost has been paid.